Want to know the easiest way to get your first internship?

I used a recruiting platform called AngelList.

Check out the full tutorial below:

Why is this better than cold emailing or mass applying for positions?

  • Startups can “match” with you. This lowers the barrier to get a meaningful conversation from someone (like the CEO or CTO) that won’t lead you on a goose chase. Leverage that confidence and crush your interview.
  • It’s more convenient. One-click apply. Done. Take the time to fill out your profile because you can submit it as your application. If you’re a freshman, fill it up with leadership positions and side projects.
  • It’s less saturated. Not too many students use this gem… For now.

If you don’t have any experience, go to Udemy and take a course relating to your major. Build up that portfolio! Startups are usually more lenient about having any prior experience. You can think of it as an “apprenticeship.”

All you need is just one internship to give you the momentum and domino effect to get others.

For more information, check out my other internships posts and guides on web development, digital marketing, product management, to software engineering and software engineering (again).

Final Thoughts

Don’t be afraid to try different internships that don’t exactly line up with your major. It’s okay to be a generalist in college. Now is the safest time to really explore what you want to do after graduation. In fact, as a Computer Science and Business Administration major, my roles between web development, software engineering, digital marketing, and product management have actually proved to be interdisciplinary and useful.

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