Approved Resources

Courses/resources I’ve personally used, implemented, and completely vet for. I’m even an affiliate for them.

Ocean Morgan - Agency Course

The Agency Course

Learn how to make $1500/month minimum by starting a Facebook Ads agency.

Ocean Morgan - 6 Figure Side Hustle

6 Figure Side Hustle

Learn how to build a profitable ecommerce brand using social media. Chris Johnson scaled his watch company to $100,000 using Instagram/Twitter and reveals the cheapest way possible to make a profitable store.

Ocean Morgan: Utopia

Marketing Utopia

Monthly access to the world’s marketing knowledge for less than a big mac combo. It’s a forum filled with social media marketing, paid media, SEO, copywriting, business foundations, fulfillment/suppliers/customer support guides, & much more.

Ocean Morgan - SiteGround

SiteGround (Web Hosting)

Hosting I personally use for this blog. Switched from Bluehost. Fast loading speed + servers.