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I’m Ocean Ronquillo-Morgan

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The Blog

Ocean Morgan - Easiest Way to Get A College Internship

How to Get An Internship With No Experience: Easiest Way to Get A College Internship (2020 Guide)

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Accenture Boston Office

My Software Engineering Internship Experience At A Fortune 500 Company (My Fifth Internship)

This past summer, I had the opportunity to work for 11 weeks as a software engineering summer intern at Accenture, a Fortune 500 technology consulting company.

How I Got My Product Manager Internship At A Tech Startup From A Cold Call (My Fourth Internship)

I almost passed up on the opportunity to become a product manager intern for a tech startup after getting cold called. Oh, and I had no prior product management experience...

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In a Nutshell

3x Founder, 6x Intern:

What I’ve Done

(Forbes 30 Under 30 List)
2020 -
Blogger at Ocean Morgan
2020 -
Founder at Kaivent Media LLC
(Forbes Under 30 Scholar)
2018 -
Co-Founder at Geistwear LLC
2012 - 2016
Founder at My First LLC

Where I’ve Interned

Returning Software Engineering Intern at Accenture
Software Engineering Intern at Accenture
Product Manager Intern at InvestFar
Digital Marketing Intern at USC Credit Union
Software Engineering Intern at World Economic Forum
2018 - 2019
Web Developer Intern at SBDigitalAgency
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I’m here to help you win in college and start a side hustle today. Some facts… First PayPal at 6. First dollar online at 8. First LLC at 14. Second LLC at 20. Third LLC at 22. Today, I’m a 23-year senior at USC who currently runs Geistwear, an e-commerce company, and Kaivent Media, a digital marketing agency.

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